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004. Our New Studios and Where We Go from Here

In today’s episode we discuss the past, present and future of Shockoe Artspace.

In 2011 we started Shockoe Artspace to support artists in every way possible – not just by showing their work, but also by developing deep relationships as they navigated their careers. By 2016 we established Shockoe Artspace as a 501c3 nonprofit and began to plan out what the next phase of the gallery would look like.

Since the beginning we focused on expansive exhibitions from locally and nationally acclaimed artists. Now we want to leverage this success to help art and design flourish through new programs that benefit everyone – artists, patrons and the community at large.

Shockoe Artspace has expanded beyond the main 2000 square foot gallery to a second space directly across the street. We call it Shockoe Artspace Studios. The additional 1600 square feet has made it possible to explore how a gallery can best exist in 2019 and beyond.