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About Shockoe Artspeak

Shockoe Artspeak currently has openings in two unfilled sponsor slots for the upcoming year. Sponsorship is approached as a relationship with particular partners and all sponsorships are evaluated for content and audience fit. The ultimate goal of Shockoe Artspeak is to deliver quality content to its listeners regardless of advertising revenue. Any sponsor for the podcast must enhance the podcast first and foremost.

Shockoe Artspeak offers standard 15-second pre-rolls, 60-second mid-rolls and 10-second post-rolls. These options are most effectively bundled for maximum impact and audience reach. Specific packages and bundles can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Sponsor engagement is preferred in three, six and twelve month packages. All sponsorship packages are based on current industry-standard numbers and are updated when inquiries are received. Listener numbers and downloads are updated monthly.

For the most recent numbers or to inquire about becoming a sponsor, please email Garreth at garreth_at_shockoeartspace_dot_com.


Shockoe Artspeak is a long-form podcast that takes the time to explore issues and ideas in art and design as well as talk at length with artists and designers about their stories and professional practice. Co-hosts Ryan Lauterio and Dr. Garreth Blackwell are makers and educators who use intellectual banter, debunked lies, stretched metaphors and totally random non sequiturs to dig deeply into art and design.

Shockoe Artspeak is an extension of the research of its hosts and focuses on expanding dialogue around conversations in art and design to build a diverse community based on discussion, relationships and mutual respect. This community is emboldened toward making with renewed passion and direction toward the holistic flourishing of various groups and practices.

Episodes are currently released weekly. Shockoe Artspeak can be found on most major podcasting providers and at

iTunes Rating

Shockoe Artspeak has a five-star overall score with 51 five-star ratings and 19 five-star reviews on iTunes.


Our podcast has been listened to in over 80 countries by artists, designers and makers from many backgrounds! Shockoe Artspeak’s episodes have been downloaded more than 300,000 times since its launch three years ago. Over 85% of our audience is in the United States with Canada, Great Britain, India, China and France rounding out the top group of listeners.

Listener Feedback

Shockoe Artspeak is a podcast for artists and designers that takes the blinders off the oftentimes confusing and elitist art world. From talking about professional practice to origin stories and artist interviews, Garreth and Ryan address the concerns of committed artists while knowing how to laugh at themselves. This is a refreshing addition to the art dialogue that begins locally with Richmond, Virginia and extends outward internationally.

Highly Recommend by richmondartwriter

The long form discussions that happen over the course of each episode are fantastic. Each conversation is allowed enough time to become thought provoking in a way that I find less and less common given the breakneck speed most of us consume media nowadays. It’s also been entertaining to find I’m picking up on ideas of visual art in different ways without being able to actually see the works while listening to the podcast. 100% worth a listen, especially for the occasional Taco Bell joke.

Refreshingly Thoughtful by Out Of Step

As a newcomer to the conversation, Shockoe Artspeak has been massively helpful in processing various facets of the importance of art and culture.

Thank You! by NorthSideRVA

Downloads and Metrics

Shockoe Artspace averages over 15,000 downloads per month based on our server logs. The average bandwidth used per visitor is equal to two hours of audio content. Our listeners are engaged and come back!

About the Hosts

Ryan Lauterio is the Director and Curator of Shockoe Artspace. Since its formal launch in 2016, Shockoe Artspace has hosted numerous exhibitions from artists of both local and national acclaim. Lauterio holds a B.A. (‘03) and a M.A. (‘05) in Studio Art from CSU Sacramento, and an M.F.A. (‘09) in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University. Lauterio’s work has been published in New American PainterBeautiful Decay, and Sick of the Radio and has exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Detroit and Richmond—most recently at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art and the Taubman Museum. Lauterio’s work is included in several private and corporate collections. Lauterio is also an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he has taught since 2007 in the School of the Arts Art Foundation program.

Garreth Blackwell, PhD is the Design and Communications Director of Shockoe Artspace. He is an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in the VCUarts Center for the Creative Economy (CCE). Blackwell holds a B.A. (’05) and M.A. (’07) in Journalism from the University of Mississippi where he focused on communication design and a Ph.D. in Media, Art and Text from Virginia Commonwealth University. Garreth is a graphic designer and has owned a design firm for the last 15 years, working with clients on three continents and across multiple industries. He has served extensively on non-profit design boards and regularly volunteers as a professional mentor for design students through Storefront for Community Design.