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010. Anxiety, Work/Life Integration and Satellite Brain Debris, Part 1

In today’s episode, we discuss our experiences and how they have shaped our views of the balance or integration of work and life. And don’t forget the anxiety of professional practice.

It’s a very big topic.

A common question from our students and listeners revolves around how to make sense of all the things that pull us in seemingly opposite directions while trying to forge a path forward as an artist or designer. In this first part of a much (much) larger discussion, we diagnose some of the main ways this question begins to circulate and also some of the practices that come along with the weight of trying to balance a million things at once.

It’s a very good conversation.

The whole gang is here: cringe-worthy experiences, intellectual banter, debunked lies, stretched metaphors and totally random non sequiturs. Everything you have come to expect. We also try out a new introduction to the show.

It’s not a very good introduction.