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160. AI and its Promise of Utopia – Part 2

Seemingly overnight, every company and social media platform has an AI presence that promises you a better experience, a more efficient engagement, and all the promises of better tomorrows, greater wealth, and a four hour workweek. While science fiction, the harbinger of all things new, shiny and terrifying, has been telling us this was coming for decades, it seems none of us got the memo, and now we are surprised (or perhaps distracted) by the shiny new object in the room. AI has ramifications in all areas of life, especially with the arts, where work has been avoided instead of praised in a society that looks at efficiency and ROI as golden calves worthy of consuming worship.

This week Ryan and Garreth sit down to continue their conversation around AI, its place, and its likely trajectory. While the marketing points of any emerging technology or progressive crystal ball may seem new, the discussions, the promises, and the workings of these things are anything but unique. There are things we can learn from history, and there are plenty of things we can consider as we clamor to incorporate something into art and design that has the chance to very well kill it.

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