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119. Always Saturated, Part 1

In any given day, we are likely to come across more information and more content than our ancestors may have experienced in a year or several years or maybe even their lives. We are constantly being handed things to discover, ideas to interpret and news to accept without a second thought. We are saturated by the mere volume of information. But we are also saturated by particular ideas that we focus our attention on and obsess over and commit our lives to. These ideas become central to our studio practices and how we interpret everything else. As Bob Dylan put it: “You gotta serve somebody.”

This week, Ryan and Garreth sit down to talk about the way in which humans tend to always worship something. Maybe that word weirds you out, but there is always something that carries the weight of our expectations and dreams. And whatever it is, it greatly impacts what we make, how we make it, and who we make it for. Worship is a core human characteristic, and we can’t act like it doesn’t impact our work and our culture.

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