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042. Black Artists Matter!

Like many of you, we feel a lot of fatigue over the sadness and senselessness of the events that have been playing out in our country over the last few weeks. We’ve taken the time lately to listen and learn and process everything that has been going on.

This is just the beginning, and–in some ways–the easy work is behind us. Just like with our personal art and design practices, the long hours seeing a hopeful idea turn into a tangible reality are the largest part of the work we do.

We at Shockoe Artspeak wanted to take a few minutes to lend our voice to the conversation and to encourage everyone to keep it up! There is a lot of work to do in the ecosystem we call life as we build a more just society.

And it may be a lot of work moving forward, but as a first step, check out the names of black artists and designers on this list who have influenced and encouraged us. Look up their work and go buy some art! This is not an exhaustive list, but it will give you a place to start as you learn more and more about black makers and their amazing work.

Oliver Jackson – Sanford Biggers – Chino Amobi – Curtis Newkirk, Jr. – Caitlin Cherry – Stanley Rayfield – Jarod Perry – Miguel Carter-Fisher – L. Kasimu Harris – Hasan Flowers – Dexter L. Booth – Jaycen Mitchel – Josh Williams – CeeJay renner-Thomas – Michael Jevon Demps – Nontsikelelo Mutiti – Malcolm Peacock – Elaine West – Kamille Jackson – Lauren Hayes – Myles Manuel – Wes Taylor – Sonya Clark – Keith Andre – Nyka Ro Hendrix – Jay Payton – Arnold Kemp – Hamilton Glass – Clifton Powell – Amina Colemen-Davis – Aamina Palmer – Malcolm Houston – Wayson R. Jones – Trevor Mitchell Jr – Chris Vision – Jacque Chandler – Quinton J. Batts – David Marion – Jo Baskerville – William Paul Thomas – Johannes Barfield – Asmaa Walton – Kehinde Wiley – Amanda Barnes – Angie Scott – Brianna Parry – Brittany Sands – Chris Kindred – Daniel Disagranados – Derrick Zavier Jones – Eric Robinson – Gary Lundy – Jon Bibbs – Joy McMillian – Kat Williams – Masa Lemu – Maya Jackson – Natasha Oladokun – Noah Weinbaum – Perrin Turner – Ronald Walton – Seth Woodies – Kara Walker – Kerry James Marshall – Faith Ringgold – Jerrell Gibbs – Joy Labinjo – Kassou Seydou – Arcmanoro Niles – Kenturah Davis – Gerald Lovell – Somaya Critchlow – Wangaro Mathenge – Tajh Rust – Kudzanai-Violet Hwami – Isis Davis-Marks – Julie Mehretu – Mark Bradford – Jack Whitten – Mickalene Thomas – Kana Danzey – Al Winfield – Clinton Helms – Bob Foster – And So Many More

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