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095. Brain Debris

Have you ever been focusing on a project in an intense way only to have a random idea, bit of pop culture or snippet of a song jack knife its way into your brain? Sometimes it’s hard to shake it, and other times, it just makes you have to hum a few bars before you can move on. Either way, these floating bits of information can be a huge distraction…or they can be a nice pause while the stress and work around you melts away for a short time.

This week Ryan and Garreth engage with all of these little bits, these things they call Brain Debris. There are times when focus and concentration are best, and then there are times when you just have to let those random, orbiting satellites have their way. This week, during the first week of a new school year, after a year full of stress and sickness, Ryan and Garreth just let the debris fly.

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