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112. Calling in the Arts: Why So Serious?

We’ve all come across someone in life who we thought was just a bit too serious. And we’ve all come across other folks who were never serious enough. We know these folks, and what each leaning is missing is a nice mixture of humor and seriousness. It is actually possible (and some might argue preferable) to live your life in such a way that you can think deeply on a subject and still maintain enough humor to live with joy. We’d like to think we embody a bit of that on this podcast, at least in our best moments.

This week, Ryan and Garreth sit down to clear up some of the differences between serious thinking and overly serious living. While we tend to lean one way, it is good to balance out whichever side of the equation you naturally lean into. We thought today would be a great chance to talk about this, because we don’t want anyone thinking that we are setting up a way of seeing the world that doesn’t have room for a bit of levity.

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