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109. Stunner Shades and Bald Man Mullets: An Introduction to Calling in the Arts

Here we are in 2022, and we are pumped to be throwing more great conversation and topics your way. After a few weeks off and Garreth losing his voice, it is time to get back into the studio and focus on what it is we are doing as creative professionals and why it matters so much. And not just to us as practitioners, but to a world that is starving for the work we do.

This week, Ryan and Garreth sit down to open up a fresh can of worms: calling. This is something a lot of us feel, but not very many of us can understand it. That weird something that keeps bringing you back to creative work, that feels stretched and limber when you use your hands to create something, that feeling that just feels satisfied when you are in the studio listening to us and making great stuff. It’s a hairy beast of a topic, but we love those things. Strap in; we’ve got a few rounds to go with this one.

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