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148. A Christmas Carol: The Ghost of Artistic Gratitude

With Thanksgiving already in the past, the conversation of gratitude may seem like a non-starter for some, but gratitude is more about an entire mindset and way of seeing the world than as some Hallmark card type one-off statement whenever we may feel some guilt for our silence. Our parents, grandparents, teachers, or someone told us as a child to remember to say please and thank you, and it is easy to forget how important these words can be. Gratitude is less about just saying thank you and more about understanding what you have and how beneficial the things are that you didn’t do anything to receive, earn, or have. Gratitude is about knowing what you have and then doing something with it. It is not stationary, and it is not optional as a growing artist.

In this four-part holiday series, Ryan, Garreth and Cody are visited by four ghosts. These four ghosts can serve as warnings about what we do, why we do it, and how we can continue into a long career that doesn’t create our identity or a false sense of security but that connect us with our community, our work and our culture at-large.

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