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124. Artist/Entrepreneurs: Beyond Starting with Ian C. Hess

If you are a practicing maker long enough, you will likely have a place where all the things you have started and never finished live. Some of these objects might be simple notes about ideas, and some of these objects might just need the final bits of spit and polish. Regardless of how many there are or how close to being complete these objects may be, we all know that starting contains a lot less stress than finishing.

This week, Ryan, Garreth, and Cody sit down to talk with friend of the show Ian C. Hess to discuss what it’s like after the idea forms and starts. While the beginning stages of any entrepreneurial pursuit may seem the most fraught with peril, starting can actually be the easiest part of any new venture. Just like in your studio practice, it is much harder to persist and continue than to simply let the ideas gather dust in the corner.

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