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023. Hold It Together: Cooperation, Collaboration and the Fight Against Throwing People Under the Bus, Part 2

As artists and designers, we are always working with other people; but how do we do it well? People aren’t always the easiest things to work with or for, and we can’t promise that every day will be a good day with plenty of coffee and sunshine. So, what is cooperation? How is it different than collaboration? And how do we actually hold it all together and not throw everyone else under the bus?

During the second half of this series, we talk about the allure of throwing people under the bus and the hard work it takes to refrain. And is there something to be gained by not blaming other people or skirting responsibility? It may sound entirely cliche, but maybe we are all in this together.

No one is changing overnight, but maybe we can all jump into 2020 with a little less interest in throwing each other under the bus. Let’s do this!

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