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024. Social Media: Cultivating Inspiration vs the Infinite Scroll

Social media gets a bad wrap…or maybe it doesn’t. While it is hard to imagine art and design practice without Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any of the portfolio social media sites, it can also be debilitating, time-consuming and depressing. So how do we use it as a tool in our work without being consumed in the infinity that is a social feed? Take a listen and let us know if you have any other ideas from what we discuss in the first installment of our new series 30 Below.

We are now weekly!
Every Monday morning you can now enjoy Shockoe Artspeak! We will be alternating between our standard long-form episodes and our new series 30 Below where we take one question and talk about it for 30 minutes or less. So whether you have 30 minutes or an hour or more, there is sure to be something for every art and design lover out there. We promise we can do it!

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All of our episodes are sponsored by all the fantastic people we are pleased to call our listeners. You’ve all been a great audience and we want to give you more: more content, more types of shows, and more in-depth talks with more of your favorite artists and designers. Even $1.00 a month can make a huge difference. Check out more at

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