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078. Hustle and Grow: A Conversation with Iain McLennan Duffus

It’s fair to say that we don’t all find our way into the arts through the same pipelines. While schools and our society push children toward the arts for different reasons, those initial categorizations don’t always shake out over time. Just because you like to draw, just because you might be a bit different from the rest of the crowd, this doesn’t mean you’re destined for a career in the arts. Sometimes that career happens because you are having to fight the stereotypes and get recognition over time.

This week Ryan and Garreth sit down with Iain McLennan Duffus. Iain is an editorial illustrator, book cover designer and photographer living and working in Richmond, Virginia. While Iain did grow up with a penchant for drawing, his path into the arts is anything but cookie-cutter. Join us as we talk about careers in the arts that happen when the circumstances and timelines aren’t some hackneyed Hollywood trope.

Check out Iain’s work at his portfolio site here or follow him on Instagram here.

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