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155. We’ve Got Some Questions on Our Minds, Episode 4

You’ve likely seen the movie Apollo 13 where actor Ed Harris plays Gene Kranz, the Flight Director for the titular space mission. After some rather drastic problems threaten to strand a crew of American astronauts in space, Kranz utters the phrase “failure is not an option.” Now the situation at hand for Kranz and the rest of his team is different than many of us will ever be in, but nevertheless, failure is a very real part of our lives whether or not we can write it off as “not an option.” In fact, failure is so pervasive in normal human activity, that it is worthwhile to discuss and plan for how you deal with it for whenever it decides to rear its ugly little head.

This week Ryan, Cody, and friend-of-the-show Josh Williams sit down to continue asking each other questions that have been on their minds. It’s Ryan’s turn once again with the question “What do you do when you fail?”

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