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087. My Screen Time: A Conversation with Marisa Stratton

This week Ryan and Garreth sit down with Marisa Stratton to discuss painting, her relationship to social media, and her recent solo show, My Screen Time, on view at Shockoe Artspace from June 2021-August 2021.

Marisa Stratton is a Richmond, Virginia based painter whose work explores the collective digital experience and its relationship to painting as documentation. In her screen-sized oil paintings sourced from social media posts and web conferences, she transposes the digital into the physical while also initiating deeper and more meaningful connections as a result. While painting these seemingly inconsequential moments, she is interpreting them in the context of traditional oil painting as a medium of formal portraiture and historical documentation. She also explores ideas of public presentation, image consumption, and consent by manipulating the inherent voyeurism embedded within all modes of digital interaction.

You can find Marisa on Instagram at @marisareads, online at, and you can purchase the exhibition catalogue for her solo show at the Shockoe Artspace shop.

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