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144. Artist/Entrepreneurs: Full Time with Cameron Wilson Ritcher

Just studio work: that’s the goal, right? All day every day in your studio. Getting to make the work you want to make. Not having to juggle the hassle of a 9-5 desk job or contract work in a field you just don’t really have a passion for. But how does that actually happen? And is it even something to realistically consider?

This week Ryan and Garreth hop back into the conversation about artists and entrepreneurs to discuss full time art practice with painter and assemblage artist Cameron Wilson Ritcher. Ritcher’s practice reads as painting while functioning more in the space of assemblage. Since 2019, Ritcher has been a fulltime artist spending his days in the studio making art and administering the business side of his art practice.

You can follow Ritcher’s work on Instagram, and his works can be viewed by visiting TEW Galleries in Atlanta, Hidell Brooks in Charlotte, and Sorelle Gallery in Westport, Connecticut. You can visit him at his website at

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