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145. Happy Thanksgiving! And an announcement!

It’s Turkey Day, and we just want to say thank you! We are nearly to 150 episodes, and we couldn’t have done it without YOU! We have so much to be thankful for and all our listeners and friends are definitely on that list. So enjoy the day off, have a big hunk or turkey for us, and maybe share a slice of pie with a neighbor you don’t know yet. It’s a beautiful day, so don’t waste it!

Also, we will be opening a new show on December 10th at Shockoe Artspace in Richmond. From 1:00 to 5:00 pm, we will be enjoying the beautiful work of friends and colleagues in FEAST! The entire show will be a silent auction to benefit the gallery, and at 2:30 you are invited to a spirited live auction where you will have a chance to get some amazing pieces just in time for Christmas. So come on out and join us!

We are on Patreon!
All of our episodes are sponsored by all the fantastic people we are pleased to call our listeners. You’ve all been a great audience and we want to give you more: more content, more types of shows, and more in-depth talks with more of your favorite artists and designers. Even $1.00 a month can make a huge difference. Check out more at

Stream our documentary The Builder!
For a limited time, our documentary The Builder is available to stream on Vimeo! The film centers on the art scene in Richmond, Virginia, with a focus on Oregon Hill native and contractor Don Childress, who–to the surprise of many–has an incredible contemporary art collection. This collection includes work from Francisco Clemente, Ron Johnson, and Bill Fisher to name just a few. Check out more at The Builder’s website.

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