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129. Placemaking: A Conversation with Sam Taylor

Hospitality may get a bad wrap. Or, more precisely, it may just be misunderstood. Hotels, cruises, or your grandma’s house may be the thoughts that come into your head when you hear this term, but hospitality is core to making places, homes, and people feel welcome in private and semi-private spaces. You could even argue that none of the work of an artist or designer could be adequately completed without properly considering other people as we seek to make places, homes, art, and experiences.

This week, Ryan, Garreth, and Cody sit down with Sam Taylor, a core member of the Shockoe Artspace team. Her background as a painter, sculptor and philosopher have given her direct insights into how we can understand and discuss homemaking, placemaking, hospitality and art making. Intrinsic to all of these pursuits is the anticipation of someone else, someone beyond yourself. Through anticipation and care, there is so much more that can be done in these areas than simply self-expression.

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