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130. Artist/Entrepreneurs: Squiggly Straight with Andrea Buccilla

Careers are funny things. For every person who knew exactly what they wanted to do at a young age, there are dozens who take a less direct path. This squiggly path from job to job and interest to interest only looks straight in hindsight, but it seems to be more the norm than not. There is a defining feature of the folks who find themselves on the squiggly straight path: a resiliency to continue pursuing the career they want.

This week, Ryan and Garreth sit down with Andrea Buccilla, a middle school teacher turned director and producer at Malka Media to talk about career, tenacity and how you get from Point A to Point B with a bunch of twists and turns that somehow make sense in the end. The creative work we do may not be a clear cut vector from childhood to adulthood, but the meandering is, oftentimes, the territory that builds up the experiences and knowledge that empowers us to make what we make.

Oh, and here is the link to the project Garreth was on that was mentioned on this episode. Give it a watch!

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