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Revisiting Anxiety in These Interesting Times – Part 2

Things may seem dire, and in some places they are. But, we shouldn’t jump feet first into the boat of fear and anxiety. Just like it was a few weeks ago, there is plenty to take heart in and there is a ton of stuff we can learn about how to handle all the ebbs and flows of life. We need to stick together on this, and there is no better way than by being a fly on the wall during one of Ryan and Garreth’s conversations!

For the next few weeks, we are re-visiting our series on anxiety to remind ourselves and all our listeners that we don’t have to be afraid. Let’s do this people!

In today’s episode, we circle back and continue to discuss our experiences and how they have shaped our views of the balance or integration of work and life. And this time we sit for a while on the topic of anxiety in professional practice.

“Oh wonderful!” you may be saying sarcastically. “I wanted to start off my week being reminded about the anxiety I have for my job and life!”

But trust us, talking about this is a good thing. Take a listen as we unpack anxiety and all its related pieces. And trust us, this is building to something very positive. We just have to wade through some of the mire before we can actually try to flesh out how we get better at this work/life integration stuff and offer some solutions.

And as always, the whole gang is here: cringe-worthy experiences, intellectual banter, debunked lies, stretched metaphors and totally random non sequiturs. Everything you have come to expect.

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