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102. You May Have Noticed We Were Missing…

It’s an ironic thing that, after two conversations focused on suffering and death, Garreth and Ryan would both lose most of the last month to those very same topics. New episodes have been noticeably absent because extreme sickness and palpable death knocked Garreth and Ryan both out of commission. Garreth got a certain virus, and Ryan lost a dear friend. It hasn’t been easy, but it was a hard reminder that suffering and death don’t hide from anyone.

This week Ryan and Garreth sit down in the studio to just update everyone on how things are and what is going on. The end of the year is always busy for everyone, and that’s no different for us. We’re glad to be back, and it’s always good to make sure we’re all on the same page.

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Help Ken Gilbertson and Hatchback Gallery!
Our good friend Ken has a new hatchback and is trying to rebuild Hatchback Gallery to better serve his new city and its art lovers. While he won’t let anyone touch the outside of the gallery, he does want to get a few new parts and build some new walls. We are helping Ken launch a GoFundMe; even a few bucks can be a big help!

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Stream our documentary The Builder!
Our award-winning film centers on the art scene in Richmond, Virginia, with a focus on Oregon Hill native and contractor Don Childress, who–to the surprise of many–has an incredible contemporary art collection. This collection includes work from Francisco Clemente, Ron Johnson, and Bill Fisher to name just a few. Check out more on Vimeo!

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